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Summary Of Our Services

Clearing & Sediment Control

According to the EPA, the most environmentally dangerous period of development is the initial construction phase when land is cleared of vegetation and graded to create a proper surface for construction. S.E.H. crews work systematically to install effective controls to prevent sediment runoff and erosion. We utilize a number of methods including, but not limited to, silt fences, super silt fences, berms, sediment traps, pumping stations and sediment basins.

Segmental Retaining Walls

S.E.H. Excavating furnishes and installs retaining walls large and small for all its site development needs. Our crews are skilled at installation of a variety of segmental retaining wall products on the market.

Asphalt Milling & Paving

S.E.H. Excavating installs asphalt paved roadway surfaces in residential, industrial, commercial and municipal applications. We have the equipment and expertise to perform even the most complex projects quickly, safely and efficiently.

On-site Rock Crushing/Recycling

S.E.H. Excavating owns and operates its own portable rock crusher and rock hammers. We are able to move on site and crush existing concrete and asphalt for re-use thus promoting an environmentally friendly site. Our crusher is able to transform what would be unusable material into different sized valuable material. This eliminates costly exporting and importing and keeps jobs on schedule.

Underground Utilities

S.E.H. Excavating is licensed and pre-qualified in municipalities throughout Maryland to install water systems, sanitary sewer and storm drains. Our experienced staff will install and test the utilities to provide our clients a turnkey utility package.

Excavation and Grading

We have a large fleet of heavy equipment to make your project a reality. S.E.H. is capable of moving massive amounts of earth and grading large tracts of land for residential subdivisions or commercial ventures. S.E.H. Excavating has the equipment and years of experience to ensure a top quality job.

Storm Water Solutions

Storm water management continues to be a focal point of emphasis for any construction project located within the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Our crews are experienced at installing basins, storm filters, bio retention ponds, underground storm water management facilities, culverts, sand filters, pervious paving and a variety of other storm water management practices.

Cement Modified Soils

S.E.H. works with geo-technical engineers to provide solutions for sites with problematic soil conditions. Our solutions are cost effective and help keep our clients jobs on schedule. We are experienced at installing soil cement and lime stabilization.